Success Stories

Students share their learning experiences at Sunstone

It’s hard for me to explain my feelings about Sunstone because it has changed me a lot. Personal thanks to my mentors for grooming and attitude building

Utkarsh Katta

I started my journey with Sunstone when I was totally distracted and clueless about my career. Today, I have the answer to ‘What, Why, Where, When and How’

Sumit Satyendra

I always wanted to spend my own, hard-earned money on my education. I am grateful to Sunstone Eduversity that gave me a chance to prove myself in doing so

Sukanya Mohapatra

I was warmly welcomed at Shopclues, all thanks to my mentors at Sunstone Eduversity who provided me with the right skill set and made me industry-ready

Mahima Gaur

Sunstone Eduversity is training its students to be an industry-ready individual in the corporate world by breaking the limitations of their learning imagination

Endeli Raghavendra

Sunstone Eduversity provided me with the opportunity to learn industry-related skills and the application of this practical knowledge to the corporate world

Chandra Shekhar Joshi

This is the institute which shows reality in the learning stage and inculcates strong ethics in students. I like this institute because their pedagogy is unique

Nisha Roy

Sunstone polished me and gave me the self-confidence to face the real-life problems. Thank you so much Sunstone Eduversity for all the support

sujohn rayamajhi

As the name suggests, Sunstone means a unique stone as it builds uniqueness in every student by grooming them through its unique technology enabled pedagogy

abhishek paira

Joining Sunstone Eduversity has boosted my self-confidence and personality tremendously. Kudos to my mentors who made me an industry ready individual

navneet singh

The two years I spent at Sunstone was the best years of my life. The 9-month internship opportunity gave me adequate industry experience and exposure

mohd alam

I feel proud in saying that I am a sunstonian. Now I am confident and I know which aspects of mine should I work on. Thanks to the experienced faculty members

ashish sanwal