PGDM in Marketing

With numerous PGDM specializations on the platter, it gets really difficult for the management aspirants to pick one. Marketing nowadays is the most sought after PGDM specialization, considering the increasing demand for marketing professionals in the industry. In today’s world, marketing plays a significant role in the success of any business. The responsibilities of a marketing or brand manager are not just limited to introducing the product, increasing its visibility in the market but also making a brand connection with the consumer. Employers prefer to hire professionals who have an MBA or PGDM in marketing.


Why PGDM in Marketing?

A post graduate diploma in management or PGDM is a two years full-time course that can help you gain in-depth knowledge & understanding of the product marketing, brand building and creating effective marketing campaigns. This PGDM course has been designed to suit a hands-on approach that helps students develop practical skills through real-life execution. The syllabus of postgraduate diploma in marketing is regularly updated to include the latest market trends, tools and practices used in the field of management as well as marketing.

The marketing elective as the name suggests focuses on teaching students the specific aspects related to marketing jobs, such as marketing management, marketing research, advertising and much more. You get to learn how to apply these tools to various businesses, both online and offline. This requires you to also learn how to identify and target specific segments of the market based on location, age, sex, financial status and many other factors.

Once you have a solid understanding of who your audience is, you will gain an understanding of the kinds of products they respond to the most. This will help you tailor your own approach in terms of branding your products, creating a narrative that they can relate to and eventually convert that goodwill into hard sales.

Through this approach, you get the advantage of learning about both core marketing areas as well as business-specific knowledge regarding retail, merchandising, marketing communications, services marketing, international marketing, rural marketing and much more.


Key Features of PGDM in Marketing

  • This PGDM course has been designed especially for marketing students through collaboration with experienced marketing professionals.
  • Gaining real-life experience through internships makes it easier to get pre-placement offers from companies since they don’t have to worry about training inexperienced people.
  • The course features insights into the latest market trends, developing strategies and best marketing practices used by the industry at large.
  • The course offers practical experience in understanding the role of a good marketing professional.
  • The course gives students the confidence to apply the principles and techniques of PGDM-Marketing in real life.
  • The course helps students become a confident salesperson as well, thanks to their knowledge of consumer behaviour.

Career Opportunities after PGDM in Marketing

It can be a career-defining move to get this kind of experience as part of your resume, along with the distinction of being a PGDM holder. Have these two will make any marketing student a must-have recruited for any of the thousands of companies operating in our country, or even abroad. To give you an idea about what kind of jobs you can have in this field, here is a list of various job titles in the marketing segment.

  • Marketing Manager
  • Communications Manager
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Brand Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Advertising Manager
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Content Marketing Specialist

To know about career options after PGDM in Marketing in detail, Read here.

Responsibilities of a Marketing Manager

Now that you have a basic understanding of marketing as one of the MBA specializations, let us give you an idea of what kind of responsibilities you will have once you get a job on one of the positions mentioned above.

  • Listening to customer needs while developing the campaign as well as after it is executed
  • Keep a track of latest market trends as well as what the competition is doing with them
  • Create a story for the brand that people can connect with
  • Coordinate with various marketing sources to ensure that the story gets out in the right way
  • Keep the brand relevant and exciting through contests, promotions and other activities
  • Keep the other departments informed about your progress and updates
  • Help improve sales through customer feedback on various campaigns
  • Make sure everything happens within budget and on time
  • Keep track of the return of investment to the company for various marketing campaigns
  • Help change and update the marketing strategy with knowledge gained from each campaign

Even if all of this feels too overwhelming to keep track of now, once you complete your PGDM in marketing with Sunstone, you will have a solid grasp of exactly how you can approach these tasks in the most efficient way possible. Here is why we are so confident about this claim.

Why Sunstone’s PGDM in Marketing?

So far we have explored the various challenges and advantages of doing a PGDM course in marketing. We have also given you a fair idea of what makes this diploma course such an important tool for any candidate who wants to be a marketing professional. However, even with all this knowledge, you still need a good organization that can help you turn this information into usable skills. This is where Sunstone comes in.

Here is what makes Sunstone PGDM in Marketing the best option for you:

  • The curriculum of this PGDM program in marketing has been designed in collaboration with leading industry professionals.
  • Students can study in peace without having to worry about fees, thanks to the pay after placement model offered by Sunstone Eduversity.
  • Students get hands-on training on all subjects about the things they learn in theory classes.
  • Students get a chance to enjoy college life at their own pace.
  • Internships with leading companies, with special training from experienced professionals.
  • PGDM course by Sunstone is accredited by AICTE
  • Sunstone takes the full responsibility of students career and makes a profit only if he/she gets placed with a good company
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