PGDM in International Business

It is the age of competition and every business is expanding itself in the international market. To represent their company & business on the global stage and to show that you are in the race, organizations hire people having PGDM in international business. They are expected to have the appropriate set of skills along with sound and practical knowledge of the international market, trading and dealings. An MBA in international business is considered as an attractive career option by the management aspirants because of the interesting career opportunities it offers.


Why PGDM in International Business?

With the majority of businesses going global and competing on the international stage, experts and professionals equipped with knowledge of international business transactions is the need of the hour. A post graduate diploma in international business can give you a strong foundation in not just the areas and concepts of international dealings but also will train you well in general management.

Companies having tie up or vying to have one with the international brands, they have their offices all over the world and they look for international business managers to take care of the operations and business activities at these offices. Having said that, if you have an interest in travelling then an international business career enables you to travel around the world.

The MBA in International Business focuses on strategic planning for international operations and provides an in-depth understanding of the organizational capabilities required for international operations, including specialized functions such as international marketing, finance and human resource management.


Facets of PGDM in IB

  1. The PGDM in IB program is 2 years full-time or part-time course which can be pursued via regular mode or through a distance education program. Though, the management experts recommend doing an MBA in international business from a regular mode only.
  2. MBA in international business equips the students with sufficient knowledge and training to deal and survive in international business.
  3. PGDM in international business offers education and imparts special training to the students in various aspects of international business, like foreign exchange management, export and import management, IT, international finance, international marketing and international logistics.
  4. The students also develop cross-cultural language and issues handling skills, business competencies and other skills as they pertain to the global marketplace.


Career Options post PGDM in International Business

As mentioned before, career opportunities in this field are lucrative. After pursuing an MBA in International Business, one can work as–

  1.   Import/export managers and executives
  2.   International business consultant
  3.   Investment banking manager
  4.   International marketing manager
  5.   International finance manager
  6.   Global business manager
  7.   Export/import coordinator
  8.   International business development manager
  9.   International brand manager
  10. International marketing manager

Duties of an International Business Manager

Some of the job responsibilities of an MBA graduate in International Business are as follow:

  1. An international business manager deals with fluctuation in currency rates, currency conversion and also act as a guard against foreign exchange rate fluctuations.
  2. They are also required to manage documentation, have complete knowledge of rules & procedures involved in exports and imports, other countries laws and business practices.
  3. Managing funds for international transactions and raise capital from the International Markets also comprises one of the job descriptions of an international business manager.
  4. They are also required to keep track and manage employees or divisions operating across the world.
  5. International managers are expected to intervene into handling finances, forecasting fund needs, make a budget, track orders and sales, and deliver services in various geographical locations.
  6. These business managers deal with imparting knowledge of the international distribution network for making the goods reach from the country of production to the foreign country.


Why Sunstone’s PGDM in International Business?

We assume by now, people wishing to pursue PGDM in IB must be having clarity and an understanding of what MBA in international business is all about, what all it offers and how it can benefit you. Now, the important question is from where this course must be done, which college you should consider and what all factors matter while you decide your Business School. There are a lot many Institutes in India and overseas which offer PGDM in International business but it’s quite obvious that we pick the right option for us. Now, when we talk about the right management institutes, we believe Sunstone can be your best choice because of the reasons stated below:

Sunstone offers an AICTE accredited PGDM International business.

  1. The curriculum of the program has been designed keeping the present day needs of the business world. Hence, PGDM at Sunstone has an industry-synced curriculum.
  2. We offer “Pay after Placement” model as paying PGDM fee can be a stumbling stone for many. As per this model, the students are required to pay their fee on completion of the course and getting a placement.
  3. We have had a 100% placement record for every batch and continue to give students a promising career.
  4. The paid internship is also a part of the PGDM program at Sunstone which gives the student the opportunity to have hands-on industry exposure so that they could become industry-ready.


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