PGDM in Finance

The finance department is the backbone of any business. The financial health of an organization is maintained only if the finance department has an efficient system for managing cash flow and also have enough working capital to cover the day-to-day operations, as well as for potential expansion. If you have interest in investments, portfolio management, borrowing, securities analysis, fundraising, collections, disbursements and handling financial activities of a business, a PGDM in finance should be your pick. This professional course will educate you, develop the much-needed skills and train you well to be a professional in the field of finance.

Why PGDM in Finance?

The Post-Graduate Diploma in Finance is a two-year full-time course, that aims to equip students with all the analytical and problem-solving skills required to run the financial operations of any company. The hands-on training helps them develop the ability to think critically in a dynamic business environment.

The curriculum of MBA in Finance has been designed with input from experienced finance professionals while taking into consideration the latest market trends. This involves developing a strong foundation of the students regarding key concepts of financial management related to crucial tasks such as book-keeping, financing, budgeting, accounting, cash flow etc.

In addition, you also get to learn about indirect factors that affect the financial situation of a company such as globalization, deregulation, mergers & acquisitions, market competition, new technologies, political unrest, public expectations, and dozens of other factors that can force a business to tweak their business strategies. This kind of multi-tier approach makes PGDM in finance a really great course. Here are some of the key features of PGDM finance that make it so relevant to the financial field.

Salient Features

  • The PGDM course in finance has been designed especially for finance students through collaboration with experienced professionals.
  • Students gain knowledge about management, accounting, economics and many other subjects related to finance in this MBA program.
  • The course features insights into the latest market trends, developing strategies and best financial practices used by the industry at large.
  • Students get to practice said skills through internships, which in turn makes it easier to get good placement offers from companies.
  • The course gives students the confidence to apply the principles and techniques of PGDM finance in real life.
  • PGDM program in finance helps students become a confident management professional as well.

Career Prospects after PGDM in Finance

Once you are done with MBA in finance along with the internship, you will have all the experience and qualification required for getting a job in any of the major companies operating in India right now. In terms of positions, here are some of the roles that you can apply for after PGDM in finance:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Research Analyst
  • Equity Analyst
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Financial Planner/Adviser
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Treasury
  • Corporate Finance

Responsibilities of a Finance Manager

Here are some of the responsibilities you will be accountable for in your job after MBA in finance:

  • Ensure that payment is duly collected and made, whether it is vendors, suppliers, debtors, customers or employees.
  • Ensure that all the financial activities are accurately recorded and on time.
  • Depending on the financial transactions and cash flow, help create a budgeting strategy for the firm.
  • Help tweak the business strategy, depending on the company’s financial condition and budget.
  • Make sure there is enough cash to facilitate the daily operations as well as other requirements.
  • Keep track of the assets of the company as well as their current and future value.
  • Prepare accurate financial reports about all aspects of the business.
  • Keep track of the insurance and taxation needs of the business.
  • Help generate additional funds for the business, whether through banks or investments, as needed.

These are just some of the responsibilities that you might have to undertake depending on the type of role you will be selected to handle. You can learn how to handle all of this and more after you enrol in the postgraduate diploma in finance management.

Why Sunstone’s PGDM-Finance?

So far we have informed you about what makes a PGDM course in finance such a good choice. We have also covered in detail, which makes this management program such an important tool for future finance professionals. However, you still need a good organization that can help you complete this course without messing up your own personal finances. This is where Sunstone can step in. With its pay after placement model, the PGDM program in finance can go easy on your pockets. Let’s see how Sunstone Eduversity’s PGDM in finance can be the best option for you:

  • PGDM finance curriculum offered at Sunstone has been designed in collaboration with leading industry professionals.
  • Students can study in peace without having to worry about fees, thanks to the pay after placement model.
  • Students get industry exposure to better understand the concepts studied in the classrooms.
  • The college environment and life at Sunstone are lively.
  • Internships with leading companies, with special training from experienced professionals.
  • Sunstone’s PGDM program in finance is AICTE approved
  • So far, Sunstone has had a 100% placement record and we proudly take full responsibility for the student’s career and getting them a job with a good salary.
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