PGDM in Digital Marketing

PGDM in Digital Marketing is one of the newest specializations for postgraduate diplomas owing to the fact that digital marketing in itself is a new and rapidly growing field. With the rise of social media, e-commerce platforms and millions of miscellaneous websites, it has become crucial for all businesses to have a presence online, in addition to traditional marketing avenues. Digital marketers, thus help increase sales, reduce customer acquisition costs as well as fine-tune their campaigns for better brand building. Having a PGDM in digital marketing can help you achieve all of these advantages and more.


Why PGDM in Digital Marketing?

Even though PGDM in Marketing already exists as a course option for students, digital marketing has grown in scope to such an extent that it is a necessity to have a separate specialization just for it. This two-year full-time course helps students familiarize themselves with all kinds of digital tools and tasks, such as Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Marketing, Strategic Marketing, Mobile Marketing, SEO Management, Web Analytics, Content Management, Digital Creative Development, Marketing Communications and much more.

The extensive training a student receives in an entirely new environment of this PGDM specialization requires a hands-on approach, where they get to practice how to manage multichannel digital customer interactions, in order to create a unique online identity as well as open new sales and channel distribution options. In PGDM in Digital Marketing, a student will learn the abilities through live projects, industry case studies, simulations as well as by using the latest tools and techniques used in the market.


Salient Features

  • Help students explore the new marketing avenues offered by the internet
  • Help students learn how to use social media as a business tool
  • Help students understand the mindset of online consumers
  • Teach students how to improve online consumer experiences/interactions
  • Teach students how to initiate and monitor traffic-building activities
  • Help students understand internet-marketing metrics & identify KPI
  • Teach students how to integrate digital marketing with traditional marketing
  • Teach students how to identify consumer demographics and define consumer trends through the use of web analytics
  • Teach students how to create and modify marketing strategies based on data collected


Career Opportunities after PGDM-Digital Marketing

Now that you have understood the scope of the course, let us give you an idea about the kind of job opportunities that you can expect to get once you complete this course.

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • E-Commerce Manager
  • Digital Strategist
  • Digital Analyst
  • Digital Expert (Customer, Channels, Markets)
  • SEO Specialist


Responsibilities of a Digital Marketer

These are just some of the jobs that you can get once you complete a post-graduate diploma in digital marketing. Different titles come with different challenges to overcome. So let us give you an idea of the kind of responsibilities you will have to undertake once you start working as a digital marketing professional.

  • Plan and execute digital marketing campaigns
  • Develop and update company website with unique content
  • Optimize user experience by improving the design and usability of a website
  • Increase social media following through interesting content and posts
  • Improve SEO/SEM ranking
  • Keep track of consumer feedback, ROI and KPIs for all campaigns
  • Analyze data to identify new trends and develop growth strategies
  • Keep track of the competition and their successful campaign ideas/strategies
  • Create reports to help other departments understand and contribute to the progress
  • Create and manage the budget for all digital marketing efforts

You can learn how to accomplish all these tasks and more, by doing the postgraduate diploma course in marketing management offered by Sunstone. To help you make up your mind, here is some more information about Sunstone and this course.


Why Sunstone’s PGDM in Digital Marketing?

By now you must have gained a decent idea of why this diploma course is such an important tool for any candidate who wants to be a digital marketing professional. Sunstone is an organization that can help you on this journey. Here is some information about what differentiates Sunstone from other places that offer PGDM-Digital Marketing courses.

  • Sunstone’s unique pay after placement model lets you study without any worries
  • The syllabus has been created by taking input from leading industry professionals
  • Students get to practice with the latest digital marketing tools and techniques.
  • Students get 9-month long internships with leading companies in the field
  • The PGDM course in Digital Marketing is accredited by AICTE
  • Sunstone provides 100% placement assurance
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