PGDM in Business Analytics

Business Analytics as a job profile has rapidly gained popularity, especially in today’s work environment where new technologies and the internet have made vast amounts of usable data easily available to businesses. The data science part of the equation involves gathering relevant data and converting it into useful insights that can be used to encourage data-driven decision making, so as to formulate better business strategies for accomplishing organizational goals. This is why a PGDM in business analytics is a must-have qualification for anyone looking to become a business analytics professional.


Why PGDM in Business Analytics?

Learning about all the sophisticated tools and techniques and how to utilize them as a business strategy requires special training that can be gained by completing a post-graduate diploma in business analytics. This two-year full-time diploma course has been designed specifically with input from leading industry professionals, in order to ensure that students receive the best learning experience.

PGDM in Business Analytics will equip the students with the basic quantitative and analytical tools necessary for decision-making and to develop their diagnostic and analytical skills through suitable logical problems and practical application concepts. It involves the use of a hands-on approach that gives students some real-life experience in using these tools to accomplish the goals set before them. Here are some key features of this diploma that makes it the right choice for learning business analytics.

Key Features

  • To teach students how to view a business problem as an analytics query
  • To teach students how to gather the necessary data for the analysis
  • To help students understand all the tools used for analyzing the data
  • To teach students how to develop useful insights through analysis of the data
  • To help students learn how to convert these insights into data-based business decisions
  • To teach students how to tweak business strategy and operating procedures based on data-driven choices
  • To help students learn how to adapt these new strategies to all functioning areas of the business


Career Options after PGDM in Business Analytics

Once you complete your Postgraduate Diploma in business analytics, you will be qualified for a variety of jobs available in this field. Here is a list of the different types of jobs that you can apply for:

  • Market Research Analyst
  • Reporting & Analytics Lead
  • Research Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Predictive Analytics Specialist
  • Business Intelligence Expert
  • Business Analytics Consultant
  • Data Analyst
  • Business Analyst


Responsibilities of a Business Analyst

It is understandable to feel overwhelmed after hearing about so many technical job titles without having a lot of information about what it means to have the job. To help you understand it all a bit better, we are listing some of the job responsibilities that come with this job and what you will be required to accomplish if you get hired for them.

  • Refine the business requirements to define the parameters of the query
  • Collect all the data required for analysis
  • Choose the appropriate process and tools for answering the query
  • Analyze the data based on the methods and tools selected
  • Create a working model on the basis of the final data
  • Evaluate the model against the parameters of the query to see if it solves the problem
  • Help update the business strategy based on the proven model
  • Help make sure that the new business strategy/model is adopted without issues

You can learn how to execute all of these responsibilities, once you have completed the PGDM program in business analytics offered by Sunstone. Here is some information about what makes Sunstone the perfect choice for accomplishing all of this and more.


Why Sunstone’s PGDM-Business Analytics?

By now you must have gained a decent idea of why this diploma course is such an important tool for any candidate who wants to be a Business Analytics professional. Sunstone is an organization that can help you on this journey. Here is some information about what differentiates Sunstone from other institutes that offer PGDM-Business Analytics course.

  • Study without worrying about money thanks to Sunstone’s unique pay after placement model
  • Learn from a specialized syllabus that has been created with collaboration with leading industry professionals
  • Practice with the latest data analysis techniques and tools
  • Get 9 months of real-life work experience through an internship with leading companies in the field
  • A course equivalent to an MBA since it is accredited by AICTE
  • 100% placement assurance
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