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The need for logistics and supply chain grew with the advent of globalization. The streamlining of the entire process to smoothen the machinery and integrate the market into one global village ensured the need for a stable logistics sector. While infrastructure can raise the effective market share and be used as a competitive tool, Logistics and Supply chain enhance the overall operability of the market.


Why PGDM in Logistics and Supply Chain Management?


PGDM in Logistics and Supply Chain will equip you with competencies to make effective decisions about moving the right products in the right direction at the right time. The program will encompass all the best practices around the world which will train you into becoming an influential leader in this evolving sector.

PGDM in Logistics and Supply Chain will also focus on managing the entire process of developing a link between the manufacturing unit and the consumers. You will get a complete grip of every wheel and gear of logistics.

This course is designed in lieu of the growing requirements of the logistics industry. This course is very fruitful in the sense that it could help the clients with developing a global approach; expand their business across borders and would also help in minimizing the cost incurred in their business. This course is unique in the sense that it develops the professionals into competent resources keeping in mind the present and the future needs.

Key Features

1) To help students understand how the transportation sector works.
2) To help understand the requirements of the customers and matching those with the supplies.
3) To develop a deep understanding of e-commerce shipping and distribution.
4) To students are apprised of refined knowledge of International Trade Operations, Commercial Geography, Liner industry, etc.
5) To understand and apply supply chain analytics.
6) To build knowledge in procurement, warehouse management, transportation planning, and customer service standards.
7) Recognise and evaluate supply chain vulnerabilities and develop strategies to eliminate risk.
8) Understand and analyze the relationship between supply chain and key financial performance metrics.
10) To provide insights into logistics strategy, innovation, and transformation.
11) Design and manage an effective supply chain plan on the international stage. 


Career Options after PGDM in Logistics and Supply Chain

1) Logistics Management (Freight and Transportation)
2) Vendor Development
3) Process Management
4) Warehousing and Distribution
5) Inventory Control
6) Supply Chain Management- Solution Designing
7) Network Planning
8) Purchasing Management
9) Sourcing
10) Network Integrators
11) Logistics Service Providers
12) Forwarder/Haulers

Responsibility of Logistics and Supply Chain Manager

1) Checking stocks, transport, and delivery using IT.
2) Allocate and manage staff resources according to changing needs.
3) Help in improving overall business performance within legislative restrictions.
4) Use associated information systems to coordinate and control the order cycle.
5) Develop business by gaining new contracts, analyzing logistical problems and producing new solutions.
6) Use specialist knowledge like mechanical-handling systems, to provide consultancy services.
7) Set objectives and motivate other team members.
8) Work on new supply chain strategies and plan and manage projects.
9) Liaise and negotiate with customers and suppliers.
10) Determine health and safety parameters and apply them.

Why Sunstone’s PGDM – Logistics And Supply Chain

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