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Insurance in regular terminology is used for protecting the assets. In today’s shifting dynamics, the insurance sector offers a viable career opportunity. PGDM in Insurance Management aims at creating professionals who can carve a promising and rewarding career in the insurance industry. PGDM in Insurance Management delves into the multi-faceted world of insurance management and reflects on the growing interplay between insurance, risk management, and financial services. Keeping all these factors at the forefront and after rigorous tried and tested techniques, this course has been designed.


Why PGDM in Insurance Management?

The PGDM in Insurance Management provides professionals with a general management perspective and introduces them to the latest practices involved in functional areas related to insurance management. The substantive exposure to Indian and international insurance management best practices with a strong focus on equipping professionals with real-life circumstances is a unique feature of this Program.

In this course, the students are familiarised with the topics that revolve around insurance management and are taught about the ethics and policy system followed in India and abroad.

The major question of “why” is also answered in the course of this program.

The course is designed keeping in mind the current and future needs that the insurance industry requires. This course is an industry-specific course like the others. As competition for professional advancement intensifies, experiential learning in the insurance sector is the need of the hour which this course completely encompasses to create executives with knowledge and skills required to fulfil the present day industry requirement.

Key Features

1) To make students identify the risk points.

2) To help understand the amount of risk that is bearable.

3) To understand the associated risk and help to mitigate it.

4) To familiarise them with stock management and the associated risks.

5) To understand the risk with bond investments.

6) To impart values concerning insurance companies and how they bear their risks.

7) To help them understand the core needs when the resources are pooled and what capital formation does.

8) To build knowledge of contemporary corporate finance, private equity, and mergers and acquisitions.

9) To understand the legal hassles associated with insurance schemes.


Career Options after PGDM in Insurance Management

1) Insurance agent

2) Business Development Manager

3) Insurance consultant 

4) Development Officer in an Insurance Organisation

5) Product Manager

6) Financial Analyst

7) Risk Manager

8) Insurance Underwriter

9) Organisational Planning Director

10) Inventory Administrator 

11) Strategy Manager

Responsibility of an Insurance Manager

1) Breed productive relationships to create a pool of prospective clients.

2) Develop marketing strategies to promote new insurance products or suggest changes to the existing ones. 

3) Giving sound advisory and customer support to clients.

4) Drawing a roadmap to further promote the products of the company.

5) Public relations exercise to be given special importance.

6) Monitor insurance claims to ensure satisfaction on both ends.

7) Constantly update job knowledge and learn about new products and services

8) Needs to persistently pursue business development tactics.

9) Work with clients to deliver risk management strategies that fit their risk profiles.

10) Maintain bookkeeping systems, databases, and records. 

Why Sunstone’s PGDM – Insurance Management

So far we have understood why and how PGDM in Insurance is a good choice to opt. We also went through the details of the on-job responsibilities and prospects the course offers. With all these in mind, here are the reasons why Sunstone is the best bet you can place to ensure your career runs smoothly:


1) PGDM Insurance offered at Sunstone provides a rich curriculum to serve the present needs of the industry, 

2) We believe in learning by doing. We have a designated 9-month paid internship where professionals get hands-on experience.

3) Sunstone focuses on providing the students’ state-of-the-art infrastructure facility ensuring an enhanced experience.
4) Sunstone offers a first of its kind Pay After Placement structure, to ensure the financial feasibility during the entire course.

5) The environment is made conducive by breeding rich pedigree of students. 

6) The PGDM program offered is AICTE approved.

7) Sunstone takes pride in delivering a cent percent placement record. Our credibility lies in our work and our students are our biggest asset.

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