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Information Technology Management


It is the age of advanced robotics, cloud technology and artificial intelligence (AI). The world is witnessing radical changes every now and then with Information Technology at its centre which has increased the need of proficient managers in this field. IT is becoming highly chosen as a management course discipline. A PGDM in Information Technology is an amalgamation of both Management and Information Technology concepts and practices.


Why PGDM in Information Technology?

 Fortunately or unfortunately, humans are dependent on technology and so are the organizations, who feel handicap without IT support in place. Hence, they show a keen interest in hiring experts who can manage IT, develop software, applications, lead IT projects, can perform system analysis and take logical decisions. People with a post graduate diploma in IT are preferred over other tech graduates, as they are believed to possess the right set of skills.


We often hear about tech startups now, so if you are one of them who wishes to have the same then PGDM in information technology should be your pick. The course will impart all empirical and theoretical knowledge about tech entrepreneurship.


Salient Features of PGDM IT


  1. The PGDM program in IT sharpens and polishes the skills of the students to be able to face the technological and managerial challenges of the modern world.
  2.  Information technology courses in this MBA program focus on the best ways to manage IT systems and employees.
  3. MBA in information technology covers a number of topics focused primarily on information technology, apart from the usual Management subjects. Some of the core topics covered in IT PGDM are the management of information technology, project management, marketing analysis, e-business, technology entrepreneurship, IT consulting, IT operations & outsourcing, web technologies, system analysis, computer networks and information technology & law etc.
  4. Students also learn about using emerging technologies in the business workplace for maximum productivity.


Career Option after PGDM in Information Technology Management


There are a plethora of career opportunities offered after pursuing MBA in IT in both Public and the Private sectors. MBA in Information Technology Management degree holders can look for professions in a wide assortment of zones, for example, corporate overseers, entrepreneur, industry advisors, and government managerial workers.


Some of the job profiles available for those pursuing PGDM in information technology management are:


  1. Management Information Systems Director
  2. Vice President of Information Technology
  3. Chief Information Technology officer
  4. Information Systems Manager
  5. Project Manager
  6. IT Executive
  7. Computer Information Specialist


Responsibilities of an IT Manager


Some of the duties and responsibilities an MBA in IT is likely to perform are as follow:


  1. Recommend information technology strategies, policies, and procedures by evaluating organization requirements
  2. Working with IT vendors or resellers to guarantee the company is getting the best deals on equipment and systems, and take care of all the IT needs of the company
  3. Evaluating the viability of proposed IT projects and developing systems customised for the needs of an organisation
  4. Coordinate with user departments and data centre, accomplishes financial objectives by forecasting IT requirements
  5. Maintain professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications and establishing personal networks


Why Sunstone’s PGDM in Information Technology?


We have given complete insight into post-graduation management in IT above and believe that by now the students will have clarity and a good understanding of this MBA discipline. Now, after zeroing down the discipline, the next thing that worries the management aspirants is the B-school. With numerous Colleges offering the course, the students struggle a lot to pick one. However, one tends to select the best option of keeping their needs and choices in mind.

Let’s understand how and why PGDM in IT from Sunstone could be your best pick:

  1. PGDM offered by Sunstone is an AICTE approved management course. The leading industry professionals have collaborated with us in designing its curriculum. Hence, we call it an industry-synced curriculum and we assure you to teach new and updated business concepts.
  2. We work on “Pay after Placement” model, where we charge a nominal registration amount at the time of admission and take the course fee only after the student completes the course and gets placed with a company.
  3. We believe in taking responsibility of our students and have had a 100% placement record for every batch.
  4. Sunstone focuses on giving the students practical industry exposure along with theoretical classroom lectures. We strive to make our students industry-ready.
  5. PGDM course at Sunstone is also about honing interpersonal skills of the students.


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