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Banks are the backbone of the economy. Any economy would collapse if the banking system is disrupted. To ensure that the banks run smoothly, the need for banking professionals is growing every day. Banking operations offers you the opportunity to get into the system to facilitate growth. The banking industry needs a steady supply of well-educated manpower. With an objective of imparting operational knowledge in banking to participants, Sunstone has designed this course.


Why PGDM in Banking Operations?

The PGDM in banking operations provide a full two years of hands-on learning about the banking sector, its core features, its operability and the opportunities in helping the banking sector to grow. Today’s Banking environment is filled with a myriad of challenges. This course will provide and equip professionals with a broad overview of the tools and techniques need to overcome them.

The course is designed keeping in view the current banking scenario of our country and the world. It includes facets of both domestic and international banking. The banking sector, in the Indian context, has been evolving since the 1991 economic reforms and has to keep its pace with the changing world outlook.

The course envisages developing professionally qualified bankers who can bolster the banking sector with rapid growth. The course is designed keeping in focus the industry needs and has incorporated core industry ethos. This will help impart theoretical as well as practical knowledge to professionals and will help them develop analytical and systemic skills required for the smooth functioning of banks.

Key Features

1) To help students understand the operational needs of banks.
2) To help understand the core needs of our banking sector.
3) To develop a deep understanding of academic and management skills in the banking field.
4) To make them realize the growing economic importance of banks with theoretical and practical understanding.
5) To flourish committed banking professionals capable of driving the banking sector growth vis-a-vis economic growth.
6) To incorporate analytical skills and get students accustomed to the latest banking strategies and financial developments from a management perspective.
7) Encourage innovation and creativity for uninterrupted learning outcomes.
8) To build knowledge of contemporary corporate finance, private equity, and mergers and acquisitions.

Career Options after PGDM in Banking Operations

1) Accounting Manager
2) Financial Manager
3) Financial Analyst
4) Fund Manager
5) Credit Manager
6) Corporate Controllers
7) Insurance Manager
8) Investment Banker
9) Finance Treasurer
10) Banking fund flow Manager
11) Budget Analyst


Responsibility of Banking Operations Manager

1) Manages and supervises employees; looks after the day-to-day administration
2) Prepares financial statements and other records for analysis.
3) Records and researches all financial information.
4) Oversees budget report, prepares and analyses the budget.
5) Assist customers for any inconvenience.
6) Advice on the procedure and financial management as well as developing policies.
7) Oversees financial reports for tax purposes, regulatory bodies, and other financial groups.
8) Helps in growing the number of accounts with the bank.
9) Forecasts and plans according to fiscal needs.

Why Sunstone’s PGDM- Banking Operations

So far we have established the fact that PGDM in Banking Operations offers a stable and viable career opportunity. We have discussed in detail about the kind of day-to-day responsibility you’d be thrown open to. You still need an organization that can equip you with the right resources to help you deliver at this crucial juncture. This is where Sunstone’s unique methodology comes to rescue:
1) Working on a unique financing model, Sunstone offers Pay After Placement which assures you pay once you are placed in a company.
2) The curriculum is regularly updated to keep in sync with industry best practices.
3)  Paid internship opportunities and deep industry connect.
4) The assured placement which is highlighted through our current track of fulfilling promises.
5) AICTE approved PGDM program.
6) Rich environment through high-quality pedagogy and a rich pool of professionals.

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