The Sunstone Edge

Sunstone ensures every student has spent atleast 9 months working in the industry even before graduation.

With hands-on practical learning, the students are well qualified to perform in all job functions. The curriculum delivered is refined twice a year to ensure industry relevance. The content is co-developed with industry veterans and even delivered by them!

Talent Pool at Sunstone

All our students enter our institute only after proving themselves first at the school level and then again through a Management Test, Sunstone Aptitude Test and a personal interview

Soft skill development is made part of the class-room experience through presentation and open ended learning components.

Students Go Through 1500+ Hours of Training

Sunstone grads are job-ready and can hit the ground running from the first day

Our students undergo a rigorous curriculum with 40+ subjects and 1,500+ hours of classroom training

Our programs focus on personality and cognitive skills development

Dynamic curriculum to meet industry needs

A Comprehensive and constantly evolving curriculum prepared jointly with corporates to create ‘tailor-made’ profile-specific specializations.

Our placement records showcase a wide variety of domains for which our students are a good fit.

Sumit Satyendra


Byju’s Pvt. Ltd.

Mahima Gaur



Revansiddayya Hiremath



Sonu Kumar


Dogra Group of Companies

Megha Raj



Mekala Supriya



Soofia Ali

2015 - 17


Sukanya Mohapatra

2014- 16


Pan-India Presence

Multiple profiles and pan-India locations available through one platform to cater to all your hiring needs

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