By Harshita Mehrotra

Why Are Companies looking Beyond Top MBA Colleges to Hire Fresh Talent?

18th January, 2021

Post pandemic, it wasn’t just the premier institutes that were approached for fresh talent during the final placement season. A change was seen in the form of big corporate names and companies moving towards niche B schools to hire fresh talent. While top companies have always been encouraged to hire talent from top MBA colleges, there has been a gradual rise in the demand for management graduates from tier2, tier 3 B schools. 

While top MBA colleges do carry a legacy in their name, today’s recruiter is looking for an attitudinal shift rather than just a brand name.  Candidates with the right attitude are needed to move forward even in uncertain environments and be quick thinkers and problem solvers. Which is a demand being satiated by niche b schools, providing candidates with an all-round education and enough room to apply their knowledge in the real world. Let’s look at the reason for a shift in the hiring process in top companies more closely.

Shifted Focus of The Industry

There is an increasing focus on the ‘candidate-company fit’, which is outside of the basic management education offered even in top MBA colleges of India. Companies recruiting these graduates are looking beyond just the branding of the institute and deeper into the skillset and digital literacy offered at the management institute itself during the course. Some institutes that may not rank very high on a global ranking or have one at all, are focussing more on the industry-aligned course content and revamping the MBA curriculum rather than just the fundamental business knowledge that has been deemed outdated by industry experts. 

Companies are looking at hiring candidates with the right blend of knowledge about the latest technology advancements in the industry, aptitude and communication skills. Niche institutes have taken several steps towards reducing the academia-industry gap and providing relevant knowledge and business skills to the ever-changing job market. 

Right Talent over Institute Name

Due to this reason, companies are focussed towards the right talent rather than just the branding of the management institute. However, there are still many things to be kept in mind by the B school itself, to attract top companies during the placement season. Management institutes also need to focus on the technological advancements taking place in the industry and provide students with the apt skills and knowledge needed to apply those skills to solve day to day workplace challenges. Recruiters are forming well thought our screening processes to find the right talent with the technical expertise along with the soft skills needed in today’s business world. 

Providing Revamped curriculum and Right Skillset

During these uncertain times, the basic ways business is conducted is changing at breakneck speed. Companies and recruiters are looking for candidates who do not get deterred by the uncertain times and economy. Candidates need to have adaptability and problem-solving skills to solve the corporate challenges put up by the uncertain and ever-evolving challenges put up by the industry. For instance, Sunstone Eduversity, an ed-tech company taking complete accountability by offering pay-after placement MBA/PGDM in partnership with 8 campuses across India. 

The candidates also need to be tech-savvy and digitally equipped to function entirely online. Post-covid, businesses have taken the internet by storm, with entire operations of even top companies being conducted online. The industry is in dire need of candidates who are digitally equipped to handle corporate challenges with the basic technical knowledge and the right business skills to become managers and corporate leaders. 


An MBA that provides students with the opportunity to become managerial leaders and the right skill set of technical and business knowledge needed to rise up on the corporate ladder. Top companies and recruiters are looking for fresh talent with high adaptability and problem-solving skills instead of the brand name of a premier institute. Premiere institutes are also in dire need for a complete curriculum revamp and constant feedbacks from the industry.

Companies are looking for the perfect ‘candidate-company fit’ instead of just a strong academic background. Candidates who are sure about their career path and are already working towards it is what will stand out during your job placement interviews. 

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By Harshita Mehrotra

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