By Shashwat Tyagi

What Career Goals Mean In The New Normal

13th April, 2021

With Covid cases at an all time high in the country, the second wave of the pandemic is breaking all kinds of records. Millions of careers that were put on halt last year are once again in danger of getting inhibited.

Apart from financial struggles, it’s our career dreams which are struggling as well. Won’t you agree? We all have a lot of goals for our career growth but almost everyone’s plans have been reset in the past year by these exceptional circumstances. The rise of remote work and work from home culture has meant people have had time to reassess their career goals.

career goals

It has been seen that people’s personal lives have taken a more important role in their decision making and they are more open to letting their personal lives drive their career goals instead of the other way around. People have been searching for new ways of setting career goals and following up on them.

That is why we have for you the best ways to set career goals- 


Think about what’s most important to you, and start from there. It’s completely fine if you never want to commute and go to office again. Personally, I prefer a hybrid of working from home and working in an office. A lot of people are cherishing the flexibility of working from home which allows them to make time for other things than work.

People should set both professional and personal goals and try to find a balance between the two.

prioritise career

Set Clear Short Term Goals

Instead of planning for the long term with complex plans, it’s better to start small and set clear, achievable short term goals. You will get a sense of accomplishment when you start ticking off each small goal from the list.

Moreover, try to set a time limit within which you have to achieve the particular goal. This will enhance your productivity. As an example, I set timers to finish day-to-day tasks. The feeling of finishing your task on or before time is one of accomplishment and also sets a routine. Remember, micro goals lead to a macro goal.

Take Charge

Working from home might make you feel at risk of being overlooked for promotions. Not being physically present in office has some employees worried that their bosses might forget about them and not consider them for appraisals or promotions.
The key is to keep learning new skills and being proactive whenever new opportunities come up. Challenge yourself with new tasks and give and receive feedback from your peers.

Many people at work are now contributing new, creative and effective ideas on zoom meetings. This is just one way you can impress your boss even while working from home. Think of other ways to be more dynamic and prove yourself to be a valuable part of the team. Remember value addition will always help you in the long run.

Decision Making

One of the most important things after setting goals is the art of making the right decisions at the right time. Looking too far ahead can make life difficult, however, what’s needed is a conscious effort to balance professional, personal, family and extra-curricular goals. Once these goals are aligned together, you will stand a better chance to succeed and that is all one can ask for in these unprecedented times.

decision making in career


No one can control everything. There are a lot of factors which impact your career goals such as the state of the economy, availability of jobs and government policies. The need of the hour is to be flexible and to work on yourself so that when opportunities come your way you can grab them with both hands. Just remember that facing setbacks is normal and what really matters is having the courage to overcome them.

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By Shashwat Tyagi

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