By Harshita Mehrotra

Understanding Hiring Trends Shaping Management Education In 2020

20th February, 2020

Hiring trends in the industry have constantly been evolving, but with the new decade just around the corner, change is in the air. In the recent past, unemployability time and again proven to be a greater evil than unemployment! Unfortunately, enough not has been done to solve this problem either by the management or the education system.

The industry presently faces a shortage of skilled and sound business professionals, for which the outdated curriculum and a lack of relevant industry exposure by the B school is partially responsible.

Sunstone Eduversity constantly aims to boost employability based learning and skill-based management education through industry interactions. An example of one such interaction is the HR Conclave 2020 conducted by Sunstone Eduversity, to understand the current trends of the HR industry 

This Conclave had an esteemed panel constituting of Human Resource experts and other industry professionals. This event discussed some of the latest hiring trends, the prominent skills gap in MBA graduates, present industry requirements and the issues being faced on the path to that goal. The students of Sunstone Eduversity from various campuses were also present and witness to the enriching/insightful discussion led by the panellist and moderators. 


Hiring Trends in 2020

Under the main discussion umbrella topic of -” Hiring trends in the Industry” the essence of the discussion can be broken down into further three topics. The three topics are the key elements playing a role in shaping the hiring trends of today’s markets. At the event, Sunstone Eduversity got great encouragement from the industry for delivering a relevant, industry-oriented curriculum that is delivered through the latest technology. Sunstone’s model is a great example of reverse engineering, where from day one the students are focused on placements and the management on creating employable graduates.

Therefore, it is necessary to know the current demands of the industry and what employers are really looking for during hiring. This calls for some effort to be made towards bridging the gap between what the industry wants and the skills and expertise provided to the students. 

Addressing the Skill Gap

The panellist addressed the rising issue of a skill gap in the graduates and how only consistent changes in the curriculum and delivery can solve this. The industry is dynamic and ever-changing, however, somewhere along the way the curriculum and skills being imparted to the students became redundant and ineffective. This skill gap can be overcome through constant feedback from the industry to the B school, clearly stating the changes in the industry and how to cater to them. At  Sunstone, we reach out to the industry for insights and orient the curriculum around the current demands of the industry, developing the right attitude, discipline and work ethics. 


Role of Technology

The world has changed over the decades causing many changes in various industries too. Over the past few decades, technology has brought about unthinkable changes in the world, which is also one of the main reasons for dynamic changes in the industry and recruitment. Technology has not only productized education but helps one form a personal brand through social media connections and networks. Technology helps one make a judgement if the personal brand of the person is aligned to what the are showcasing and makes the entire hiring process more efficient for all parties involved. The connectivity among all of us because of technology gives us the hope that what we are seeking is inturn seeking us. 


Importance of Soft Skills

Soft skills are whatever hard or technical skills are not. Which also implies that soft skills are something that deals with who we are as a person cannot be learnt overnight. Discipline and knowledge build one’s soft skills. A person who has worked on building their soft skills demonstrate a level of ownership and optimism. That’s the reason present employers highly demand soft skills in their recruits. Possessing soft skills also ensure portraying a sense of entrepreneurship and leadership qualities. Developing soft skills is the present requirement of the industry, building the right communication skills and personality traits.  

The HR conclave was instrumental in understanding the current demands of the industry and how we can improve and develop our content and delivery. This needs to be done in such a way to aid the overall and wholesome development of our students. Sunstone stays true to its belief of being for the industry and by the industry. 

About Sunstone Eduversity

Sunstone Eduversity offers industry-integrated MBA/PGDM programs with a Pay after Placement fee structure, where we take the course fee only after placing our students in well-paying jobs. Our strength lies in developing intellectuals through our innovative technology-led student-oriented teaching which is strongly backed-up by industry linkages having experience in cross-cultural management areas.

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