By Harshita Mehrotra

Tech Skills in MBA Every B-school Graduate Must Conquer!

15th March, 2021

Technology has not only changed day-to-day lives but also affected the operation of companies and businesses. They are making the best use of technology to stay ahead of their competitors. It is why employers are always on the lookout for technical skills in freshers. Some tech skills in MBA is what could be the key difference between you and your competition.

At times, companies list technical skills in the job posting. It is the paramount requirement for job opportunities or business roles and makes a crucial part of the CV. Technical skills give you an advantage over other candidates. At times companies hire candidates for open positions that demand flexibility and technical skills. Therefore, MBA students must possess basic tech-skills.

What are the key Tech skills in MBA Marketing fresher? 

Here is a list of the key skills for MBA Marketing Fresher that will make your candidature stand out.

Computer skills required for MBA jobs

If you pursue an MBA in marketing, you can work as a marketing strategist, business development manager, brand manager or other roles. However, your key responsibilities would involve advertising and promoting the business, products or services to bring customers.

Your primary role would be to generate leads for the brand. It includes several activities such as expanding your brand’s presence in the industry and alluring potential customers. Marketing campaigns are designed for social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

You will be required to run ads for the company. Therefore, you must know how the ads are generated. You should also be well-equipped with social media marketing tools such as Buffer, HubSpot, Sumo, and email marketing tools such as MailChimp, Litmus, Mailjet and other tools.

Companies hire a social media manager or a digital marketer; they prefer candidates with various skills who can take diverse roles. The social media and digital marketing skills will give you an upper hand over the other candidates if you apply for a marketing role. Therefore, you must possess the primary computer skills required for MBA fresher jobs.

Programming skills

Programming and coding are other vital skills required for MBA students. Even if you don’t have a technical qualification or engineering background, it is beneficial to have basic coding and programming knowledge. 

You should know the fundamentals of Python, Java, PHP, SQL and others. It will create several opportunities for you in companies that build apps and software. Even if you apply for a non-technical position, you will find it difficult to understand or relate to the application or software completely. It will also get challenging for you to make suggestions. 

Moreover, suppose you do not possess basic programming skills. In that case, the chances of securing a job in a company that develops apps get minimised as they will give preference to candidates with desired tech-skills.

Design & UX/UI

Social media presence has become indispensable for businesses. One needs to upload posters, banners, brochures, portfolios, design logos, campaigns for social media and offline marketing. The design should be appealing to the eyes of the audience and not be gaudy or irrelevant. It should portray the real purpose of the brand. 

Therefore, if you are pursuing an MBA in marketing, you must be skilled at using design tools and applications such as Canva, Adobe Illustrator and others. You don’t need to be a graphic designer or excel at creating designs or logos. However, you must have an admirable aesthetic sense. You should be able to design posters with the help of Canva and be able to guide or direct the graphic designer. Therefore, basic designing skills are crucial for MBA students.


Effective presentation and communication skills are vital in the corporate sector. Your fundamental responsibility areas would include making presentations. Irrespective of the industry you choose to work in after graduation, you will be required to make presentations and deliver it before your colleagues or clients. 

It communicates the idea, approaches, possible solutions to the client. Therefore, you must know how to prepare presentations with MS PowerPoint, Keynote and other apps. A shabby presentation with poor layout, formatting, images and animation will cast a negative impression on your clients as well as colleagues. 

Along with preparing a commendable presentation, you must also know how to deliver it. Presentation is a gist of what you want to communicate with the client. Therefore, it is vital to learn and practice communication skills. However, you don’t have to stress over learning communication skills and how to make a presentation. You will acquire it during the two years of B-school.

Data Science

Collecting and organising relevant data is quintessential for every company. It is why Data Science is another priority in the MBA skills list. It includes data analytics, data mining, algorithms and other skills. 

You must know how to use software like Tableau, SPSS, R Programming, Excel, SAS, QlikView, Rapid Miner and others. These data analysis tools help in collecting the data of prospective customers or clients, organising it, gauging the recent and upcoming market trends, analysing the data to generate output, calculating revenue and sales, understanding consumer behaviour, common problems and possible solutions, predicting the market trends and other things.

Primary technical domain skills

In addition to the necessary computer skills, designing, programming, you must also acquire other primary technical domain skills such as project management. 

Along with it, you should know how to prepare reports, minutes of the meeting, do risk analysis and other things. Technical writing skills are also vital for MBA students. You should know how to use Google apps such as docs, sheets, uploading documents on Google drive and others.

Conclusion: Tactfully learn these tech skills required for MBA

The world is frequently witnessing new technological trends. Employers expect freshers to keep up with these advancements. Sunstone Eduversity focuses on inculcating technical skills in students and makes sure that you excel in it. The technological know-how serves as a gateway for a plethora of job opportunities after graduation. 

The primary aim of Sunstone Eduversity is to make you industry-ready and prepare you for the real-life situations and challenges that you might come across in your career.

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