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Pay after Placement MBA/PGDM- Sunstone Eduversity

20th November, 2019

It is said that knowledge is priceless, though MBA graduates may not completely agree with that. Management education is one of the costliest degrees and that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most globally sought. An MBA degree is seen as an investment in your future. It is no surprise that despite the highly costly fee structures, students and their families shell out tens of thousands to pursue this dream. Although costly, there are several reasons why an MBA works for many. It is highly recognized with better-earning potentials, better professional growth, expanding networking resources, open for all etc. One can start their venture and one learns to work in a field that aligns their interests and needs.

So with no substitute to an MBA, how does one afford this costly degree? The price tag may seem daunting, but help is available for students if searched. What if one could invest and learn all the necessary skills and then pay the course fee, depending on where they get placed. This is India’s only Pay after Placement fee structure model and it is worth getting to know more about. 

Sunstone’s unique ‘Pay after Placement fee structure model

In this tough and competitive business world, Sunstone Eduversity is like an oasis in a hot desert for an MBA aspirant with their Pay after Placement model fee structure program. Through this model, the dream of being an MBA transforms into reality, giving every student an equal opportunity to fulfil his/her career ambition and to find a job best suited to their interest. 

Know more about a student’s experience at Sunstone here. 

As per the job scenario today, an MBA degree can improve your chances of a job to a considerable extent but cannot guarantee it. There has been a remarkable drop in the employability of MBA graduates. The B schools need to drastically revamp their management curriculum. It is not just the curriculum, but the false placement promises that have trapped many in a web of lies and deceit. 

Pay your MBA/PGDM course fee only after you get a job – Apply Here

Till date, Sunstone Eduversity has a 100% placement record with over 200 different recruitment companies empanelled with us. Hence, we are delighted to share that we only work on a Pay after Placement model.In such a model, the B school holds the accountability of building the students career. Since the student is required to pay his/her course fee which will be ten times the salary bagged by the student, this is the best Return On Investment(ROI) that the student can get. 

How Pay after Placement works?

According to the Pay after placement fee structure, a student is required to pay a nominal registration fee, after which no course fee is to be paid for two years. These two years the student will just be focused on acquiring the skills and knowledge needed to be industry-ready. During this period, the student will also be part of a paid internship and many live projects. This prepares the student for the corporate sector and the culture that it is generally famous for, which further boosts their employability. At the end of the two years, the MBA graduate is required to pay the course fee equal to ten times of his/her monthly salary that he/she is getting after being placed by Sunstone in a well-paying job.  

  1. Fill the application form
  2. Go through Sunstone’s selection process
  3. Take admission and get industry ready without paying fee for 2 years
  4. pay course fee only after getting placed

Watch the video to gain more clarity into how this affordable fee structure works.

This unique fee structure model also diminishes the need for a student to take an education loan. This in itself is a mammoth undertaking with all the documentation and submitting collateral. With the pay after placement one does not need to tap into their hard-earned money without any job assurance. This is what most B schools are doing. The curriculum at sunstone is designed as per the ever-changing needs of the industry by some of the best from the industry. This ensures not just the placement aspect but the full adaptability and absorption of the student as an employee into a company. 

Sunstone Eduversity – Pay after Placement MBA/PGDM Program | Admissions Open for 2020-22 Session | Apply Now!

Benefits of Pay after placement

So never compromise on your dreams, many doors and windows may open up for you to make your dream into a reality.

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