By Srishti Oberoi

MBA Interview Preparation Tips | Do’s and Don’ts For MBA interview

13th March, 2019

For a management aspirant, an MBA Interview is the last hurdle to cross for admission into their desired B-school. So, candidates are in a dire need of some MBA interview Tips which could help them ace the MBA PI. During the interview, the interviewers tend to check your personality traits and suitability for the MBA programme in their institute. Hence, not only, you must have a clear understanding of the questions that could be asked, but you must be aware of the correct body language and personality traits that would add brownie points to your application.

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MBA Interview Tips

Before we go any further, it is crucial for us to comprehend what goes on the interview panel’s mind while assessing a candidate:

Will this candidate contribute valuable input to my class?

Since a lot of learning happens in the MBA institutes via classroom lectures and peers, interview panellists do think about the value that the candidate would add to the class. So, during the MBA interview, the interview panellists do judge whether you, as a student would sit quietly in the class or raise intelligent and thought-provoking questions.

Can this candidate be placed easily in the corporate sector?

The faculty members of various MBA institutes are involved with the MBA placements. Thus, during the MBA interview, they try to judge the candidate on the level of coherence and clarity he has. Both these aspects are quite important during the placements. The MBA interview panellists do not want to take in candidates who get rejected by recruiters on campus, thus denting the placement records.

Considering these assumptions, here is a list of MBA Interview Tips or DOs and DON’Ts for an MBA interview which could help you ace the interview: 

What Should You Do in an MBA Interview?

Do proper research before applying for a program

It is a must for all MBA aspirants to have a thorough knowledge of the program and college they are applying for. Make sure you know about the various job roles and responsibilities offered after the completion of the program. Knowing about the program/college will show the interview panellists that you are serious and can even sum up to be answers to various questions asked by the panellists.  

Bridge the gap between your career goals and facilities offered by the B-school

One of the many questions asked by the MBA interview panellists is: Why this specific B-school? The best way to tackle this question is to utilize the research you’ve done on the college, faculty and placements programs offered by the college to explain the panellists, why attending this B-school is the next best step for your career.

Dress to Impress

Every MBA aspirant must make sure that their personal appearance is prim and proper and they have dressed appropriately. Remember, a candidate formally dressed up for the MBA interview shows the commitment to task and adherence to situational demands.

Present yourself as a Multi-Rounded Personality

It is quite crucial for a candidate to present himself as a multi-rounder as that is what the MBA interview panellists are looking for. You must be able to present yourself in a way that shows that you have the ability to learn from both the academic and extra-curricular activities. This will put you on a strong pedestal for selection in the program.  

What should you NOT do in an MBA Interview?

Don’t try too hard to impress the interviewer

Humility is an important trait that everyone must embrace, especially if you are in an interview. It is good to showcase your achievements, but you should be able to maintain a balance so that it doesn’t turn into boasting or arrogance. Both demonstrate a negative attitude which would turn against you.

Don’t Be Dishonest

Lying about your achievements and past experiences is frowned upon during the MBA interview. The interview panellists include faculty with years of experience. Hence, they can make out when a candidate is being dishonest. They might even ask you more questions regarding the topic you have lied to, which could put you in an awkward situation. Be true to yourself and with the panellists.

Avoid giving generic reasons for your answer

Among MBA interview tips is to give out answers to panellist’s questions, which are likely to be the same as answers by other candidates would not set you apart. It would make you fall into the list of candidates which have nothing special for the MBA interview panellists to consider. Make sure your answers are well thought out, well researched and has that oomph factor that makes you unique in front of the panellists.

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By Srishti Oberoi

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