By Harshita Mehrotra

Get Industry Ready In 2021 With A New Age MBA

28th December, 2020

Post covid, the world dived into a digital frenzy, from online classes to online businesses, everything has taken up the internet by storm. In this technology-driven age, getting industry ready training is what will keep you on top of the corporate ladder. Doing an MBA which is following an outdated curriculum is what you ‘DO NOT’ need. The gap between what is being taught in B schools and what the industry demands from MBA graduates is increasing.

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However,  there are many initiatives that work towards creating a workforce equipped with industry ready training and business skills needed to innovate and imagine solutions for the future. Sunstone Eduversity offers pay after placement management programs based on the current requirements of the industry with an industry-aligned approach and tech-led pedagogy.

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The MBA curriculum is in dire need of drastic changes, incorporating the current requirements of the industry. Sunstone eduversity works towards increasing the employability among MBA graduates has a corporate panel of 200+ industry expert, continuously providing insights towards improving the curriculum and the training provided to the MBA students future proofs their success. 

Despite the qualifications, MBA graduates from the top B school are unemployed partially due to the economic slowdown and partially due to the lack of employability skill. So how can you plan ahead and become corporate ready during your MBA is what we are here to talk about. 

Become Industry ready

What Is The Meaning Of Being Industry ready?

Before jumping onto what will make you industry ready in a post covid business world, let’s understand what being industry ready means? Being industry-ready doesn’t simply mean having the technical or hard skills required to do a job, however, by making a few tweaks and getting industry-ready training can be the key to unlocking your industry readiness, that too while pursuing your MBA. 

To be trained in an industry-ready manner one does not necessarily need an MBA, but with the rising unemployability, one needs to have both the qualifications and the soft skills to make it big. In the corporate world, being industry ready means to have the communication, decision making and analytical skills needed to survive and thrive in the corporate world. Industry readiness simply put means to be ‘job-ready’ 

How To Get Trained To Be Industry ready?

Having the above skills is important but not enough when it comes to industry readiness. Your readiness for the industry is marked when you ‘think’, ’talk’ and ‘look’ like a business professional. Being industry-ready also means to be ‘job-ready’. Being job-ready is to be able to handle situations, write business e-mails or [ppresentations, talk to prospective investors or partakers of the business or company.


If we talk about thinking like a business professional, you need to solve problems quickly and with the least amount of lost time and resources, you need to be 

  • Solution-oriented – when faced with a problem, think of the solution and work backwards, that way you will remain focused on the final goal.
  • Analytical – being analytical is to weigh all your options before making a decision. Simply put, have a birds-eye view when approaching a problem. 
  • Quick decision-maker
  • Team player – you need to think of solutions that will benefit your team and the company as a whole
  • Leadership Skills – Being a leader does not mean to lead in every task. A good leader knows when and what to follow and when to lead

Another misconception that goes around is that an MBA makes you industry-ready. This is partially true, as a management course offers the business skills and acumen needed to successfully face daily corporate challenges.

However, industry-ready skills like presentation, communication, team spirit – these are soft skills that one needs to make an effort towards inculcating and applying in their daily lives. 

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