By Harshita Mehrotra

10 Things To Do During Coronavirus Lockdown To Increase Productivity

11th April, 2020

The entire world seems to have come to a halt to fight a common enemy- the coronavirus. Every country has its ways and methods of dealing with the current situation. From self quarantines to government-imposed lockdown, the effect is on everyone. Every person is going to stay indoors for the next 21 days as the only vaccine we have against the COVID 19 is #StayHome.

Staying home could result in feeling bored with lack of motivation for doing much. However, boredom only means that life is comfortable and easy without us taking the necessary steps. If we are bored, we sure can take some time to turn our life around and manage our time more efficiently.

10 Most Productive Things To Do During Coronavirus Lockdown

From reading and informing yourself about building a great profile, you have a lot of things to do during this lockdown. We just wanted to tell you how. In this article, we state all the productive and useful things MBA aspirants and even students can take-up during the coronavirus lockdown.

Read Books

Before the worldwide spread of this pandemic, our daily routines and lives were so fast-paced, that we rarely got any time to spend reading, something apart from your usual academic readings or course material. Read books on topics that interest you, that might be business mantras, fiction, self-help books etc. Reading is a very good habit, that will improve your communication skills, focus and attention span. You can also read books on a subject or field that interests you.

Build Your Profile

Another thing that we might not be getting time in our regular routines is working on building our profiles, especially on various business platforms and forums. Being an MBA aspirant or even a student, constantly working on our profile is a must. By building your profile, you are working on how the business world is viewing you. Working on your profile will include learning and brushing up on skills you should be well versed as per your industry. You could include writing and promotions on social media. This will help you create and portray yourself as a brand and then market yourself better on social media.


Pursue Online Courses

Students can take this time to learn a new set of skills which will prepare them for not only the jobs they have ahead but will also help improve your resume and widen acceptability. There are a plethora of online courses which can be easily attended even in these difficult times. Students can choose to learn to code, to SEO/Google Analytics, personal finance planning, creative writing, and so much more. There are many sites and start-ups who in the wake of coronavirus are offering online courses free or at a very low cost like udemy, ByJus’s etc.

Strengthen Your Weak Areas

Since almost everything under the sun has been affected by the coronavirus, MBA entrance exams are no different. Almost all the MBA entrance exams have been shifted or cancelled, but that does not mean that our preparations also come to a halt. We should consider ourselves lucky and use this time wisely to strengthen our academic weak areas, be it Quant, verbal or DI.

Work On Your Creative Side

Remember your childhood days, when we used to do so many things in just one day! But somewhere the creative things we used to do for ourselves have become a ‘waste of time’. These things could be anything from cooking, drawing or painting, playing an instrument, dancing etc. Use this time of coronavirus lockdown to rekindle the love you had for a creative hobby and work on your creative side. This will not only help you brush your co-curricular skills but will surely help you relax too.

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Organise & Manage Your Time

Be it organising your cupboard or your academic life, time management is a very important factor. Make a time table and use this time judiciously to learn new skills or organise the old information you have. You can spend this time to research about the upcoming and latest happenings in your field or industry. Use this time to be on top of your game and ready for a comeback once things on the coronavirus front have settled.

Connect & Network

Networking is one of the key affecting factors, especially in the business world. Our network is what eventually decides our net-worth in the industry. One of the most popular ways of building a network and connecting with industry experts is through various social platforms like LinkedIn, telegram etc. So make your profiles on these various platforms and connect with people related to your field, or not but who have proved their place in the world.

Take Up Remote Internships/ Projects

If you find yourself still looking for ways of keeping yourself occupied, find yourself a remote internship or project with an organisation. This way you can use your time effectively and even make a quick buck or two in the process. Moreover, apart from the various online courses and skills, you must have invested time in, the project/internship could be one more factor that you can show on your resume.

Keep Yourself Updated

With all this time in our hands, we should be aware of what is happening around the world other than the coronavirus. One should read the newspaper and listen to the news frequently and more often than previously done. We can no longer use the lack of time as an excuse of not keeping up to date with the current affairs, which is increasing in importance in various management entrance exams. So devote some time to reading and watching the news about what’s happening around the world.

Spend Time Doing What You Love

Nowadays, several youngsters deal with mental health issues like stress, depression and anxiety. Since all of us are stuck at home, or in some of our cases stuck away from home, it is easy to give in to such emotions and slip to the ‘dark side’. However, if we do one thing that we enjoy doing, that helps us unwind, it will help us stir clear of stress. We should also use this time to ponder over ‘who we are’ and ‘what we want to do moving forward’, such existential questions cater to who we are as a person. Meditation also helps us get in touch with our spiritual side.

In conclusion, this 21-day lockdown may seem like a very long time, but it only seems like that if we don’t have a routine or a time table. So go make that time table and go try all the things and more listed in the article. All the MBA programs and B schools may seem to have come to a halt but that does not have to mean that our preparations and efforts towards a bright career have to stop too!

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