Thirty seconds that changed my life

Written by Sujohn Rayamajhi, Student 1st year, PGDM at Sunstone Eduversity.

Death as we know it, is inevitable, there’s no escape from it. Sooner or later it happens, it’s just a matter of time, I guess. Some people are more accepting of it and some even get scared of the very word of it. I am a person who is more of a fatalist, so I like to think of death as a forthcoming phenomenon that embraces us when it’s supposed to. This perception may have been formed during my childhood when I faced near death experience. In class there was an elocution in which I was asked to choose a topic and I thought this experience was something I need to talk about as well as share.

I like to describe the story not in the order that it happened, but the way I remember it. It was an afternoon of a summer holiday, when I was watching a movie as usual, alone in my room because that’s what I do during the holidays. It was a Bollywood movie titled “Road” starring Manoj Bajpee and Vivek Oberoi. Suddenly, my grandma shouted from the kitchen “Go and get the pump, I think the tank is full”. I was so caught up in the movie that I shouted instantly “In a minute “. I didn’t want to leave the movie because the big end was near, but I had to, as my granny yelled again. In a rush, I ran towards the tap to turn it off and bring the pump back. I turned off the switch and while carrying the pump back, I noticed mud at the base of the pump. “I can’t take it home like this, grandpa will kill me” I thought. Then out of the blue I got the most stupidest idea of all time, dipping the pump in the bucket of water to get it clean in one shot. ”What an idea!” I said to myself and then executed it. I slipped to the ground with my hand inside the bucket with the pump.”What’s happening!” I got confused, then slowly I started noticing energy flowing through my body, it was electricity. “Wait, did I unplug the pump? No, I didn’t” it hit me. ”Oh sh#$!”. “Help! Help!” I tried to shout, but unfortunately neither any sound was produced nor there was anyone to hear me. I tried to pull my hand off, but it didn’t help, it got worse, my body got paralyzed. I started thinking “This is it, end of the world for me”. “Bye Bye mom, dad, my brother, all my relatives and my friends” I said to myself. I tried to cry out loud, but no, not a single drop of tear was shed. I lost hope, just waiting to die, to face the inevitable, to go into the hands of God. Fifteen seconds passed, I was still stuck and was in pain. “Look at the bright side, I can now find out if heaven and hell really do exist or not?” I said to myself. It was supposed to comfort me, but no, it didn’t. Maybe it was because I was not ready to go yet, I was 12 and I hadn’t had the chance to see the world, just started to get the hang of it, just started to explore various genres of love, happiness, friendship, humanity and stuff like music and movies and I was loving it. I knew it had a lot to offer and I was ready to accept, but it seemed like I couldn’t.“Maybe it was meant to happen. It’s God who gets to decide these things, let it go man, just let it go” my brain told me. My eyes were closed now, I could feel the darkness, the silence, the bridge between life and death I guess. I stopped to pull my hand, I set my body free, I thought it’s time. “Good Bye world, goodbye, I will miss you” I said.

But wait, something changed, I could feel it, I could see a bright light, God! What is it, so bright .Oh! It looks like the sun and its covered with clouds in the sky. Wait, what?, then I realized my eyes were open, I could feel my hand on the ground. It finally came off. I just lay there for a while, staring at the sky, though my eyes hurt from the sunlight, but it was totally worth it. I then slowly turned left and I saw the bucket and wire on its edge which had come out of the pump, inside the bucket of water. I didn’t know what happened, somehow it released me, I was all muddy and soaked with water, but there was a big smile on my face. I started crying, “Thank you God, thanks a lot. I am in your debt for the whole life now. I will never stop believing I swear.”, I whispered. I took a moment and stood up, I was all weak and dizzy still managed to walk home with a proud face, head held high and tears all over my eyes. ”What happened? Where is the pump?” she asked. I explained her everything and immediately she hugged me. I felt really cozy, I felt happiness, love, everything. She kissed my forehead, though It was all muddy and wet. “Please hold me for a little while, will you?” I asked. She was all crying and shouting “What would I say to your mom if anything had happened to you?” “ Thank God! Nothing happened, you will now never ever go near to that tap, ever again” she shouted. I replied “okay granny okay, I won’t”.

My mom came late in the evening and granny told her everything. She rushed towards me sobbing and hugged me tightly like she will never let me go. She then slapped me. I didn’t feel any pain, not even a little because I was just focusing on the tears on her cheeks and how it was pouring down like a river. Though I told her I was fine, she kept rubbing oil all over by body, feeding me kheer and fruits. I felt, I have nothing to lose so I ate them all. Grandpa, dad and my brother just gave a small hug and said “We could have lost you.“. I agreed and started telling them how I felt.

That’s my story, the way I remember it. After that incident, I have valued life more than anything, anything. Life is a very precious gift that God has given us, so try respecting it more, living it more and loving it more. No matter how deep the misery is, don’t give up. You will get over it as life is a purling brook of ups and downs. That’s all I got to say.

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