Targets are Never Impossible to Achieve: Summer Internship at The TIMES Group

Written by Mahima Gaur, Student 2nd year, PGDM at Sunstone Eduversity.

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“Targets are never impossible to achieve, we are the ones’ who make them difficult and then superficial”.

Where did I do my internship?

I did my internship with the Times Group’s Times Business Solutions Ltd (TBSL) – the “Life Interactive” arm of the Times Group. It provides global internet users, interactive media to support, assist, and guide throughout their life. Some of the products are:, the premium recruitment portal meets all jobs needs. helps users buy sell or rent homes or commercial property. provides IT platfrom to connect with & biggest IT platfrom in india to coneect with. is TBSL’s flagship business and has been in existence since 2004 and has established a strong competitive position in the online recruitment space amidst tough competition.

What was I expected to do?

All interns were supposed to generate two leads on daily basis on their own. For generating leads, database for calling could be from any other portal or from The generated lead was to be converted into an order. For converting leads into an order there are some essential steps. These steps are known as ‘SPANCO’.

What I delivered?

First day of my internship product was elaborated by area account manager/head & he gave me target for daily basis. Target was two leads on daily basis. I generated leads by the database given by area account manager & also database acquired from various other sources. Cold calling & meetings were also part of generating leads & converting orders. I was able to sell 4 orders of Database & job posting of Times jobs portal, which brought business of 70000 INR. I went on cold calling too, collecting Companies cards from their offices. This was followed by meeting & Converted leads into order. I followed up with clients to sell Database of active candidates & also provided job posting for their companies. The process of following up with clients helped me to sell the product & to build healthy relationship with clients. Following up with clients also helped me assess their requirements. I documented the entire process in excel file (Database) including their contact numbers, meeting time, address of companies, reviews of HR.

What did I Learn?

I have learnt many new things. I have been able to answer some very critical questions:

How generate leads?
In how many ways we exactly can generate leads?
For generating leads which database will be more useful to me?
What is cold calling exactly?

From every meeting some new things I learnt about client behavior and expectations. I acquired the skill of making database of clients then following up with them. Got to know mainly about sales; what it is exactly & what we do in sales too. From first day of internship till last day of my internship it was all about sales.  And I loved it!!! I can summarize as under:

  • Have an overall knowledge of the various products under (
  • Learnt the whole of SPANCO (will elaborate this separately) technique involved in sales.
  • Opportunity to work in Times business solutions limited for made me understand the relevance and importance of working in a team thereby learning from each other.
  • Learnt the ways of dealing with people working at different levels of hierarchy.
  • Discovered the importance of being efficient and managing time.
  • The organization structure and the way it works.
  • Learnt to tackle all tasks with enthusiasm and a positive attitude.
  • Learnt to cope up with the work pressure and the deadlines.
  • In a nutshell I understood the dynamics of a sales job.

Times business solutions limited ( provided a valuable opportunity to get an on job training and experience. This made me understand the day to day working of an organization. The exposure to the corporate world shaped me as a professional where I learnt the corporate etiquette which will help me in my career ahead.
The internship at Times business solutions limited ( made me believe that:

“Targets are never impossible to achieve, we are the ones’ who make them difficult and then superficial”.


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