Internship: The Best Way to Start your Career

Written by Ashish Sanwal, Student 1st year, PGDM at Sunstone Eduversity.

I am Ashish Sanwal and have completed 2nd semester at Sunstone Eduversity. I had believed that it is very difficult to find a reputed company where we can do internship. But Sunstone Eduversity totally changed my idea about this. Not only did all of us get a chance to do internship in reputed companies but also we are getting stipend on an average of Rs. 8000.
Q- What is an internship?
Ans – A planned, structured, and supervised, field-based experience where you learn about the
demands and needs of a particular profession and/or industry.
Q- What are benefits of an internship?
Ans – As a PGDM student internship/training plays a very important role for making a good career. During internship there are lot of things to learn and to adopt in our life. Doing internship in a reputed company is just like doing a job because the company will not treat us like a trainee. They will treat us like an employee and they will make us as comfortable as the other employees are. Some benefits which I think I have gained from the company are as follows:-
1. Valuable hands-on work experience.
2. Developed marketable job skills which are transferable to other jobs.
3. Improved interpersonal skills such as confidence, maturity, decision making.
4. Gained job-hunting skills of interviewing and resume preparation.
5. Received financial compensation.
6. Obtained academic credit for the work performed.

Internships allow students to acquire the experience and skills essential for acquiring a satisfying job upon graduation. Internships are now offered in almost every career area by employers who recognize the importance of on-the-job training, and who often groom their most promising candidates for full-time positions. There is no better way to get started in your career than by participating in an internship.

"At Sunstone, We take full responsibility of your career."