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Placement Overview

Sunstone Program is an important period of transition that prepares students to create and leverage opportunities in future. Sunstone Program is only relevant for students if it makes a lasting impact on their career and that's how we measure the success of the Program. Once the students have built solid academic foundation at Sunstone, it's important to start taking steps towards their career aspirations. Placement process has two important parts:

Creating opportunities
We continuously create opportunities to educate the industry about our program and our students. Thus, we are generating placement opportunities in the industry for our students depending on their aspirations. Sunstone is deep into industry needs and believes that ample opportunities exist in the industry for right candidates- if they are trained well and have been exposed to the industry through the internships. Moreover, Sunstone has multiple office locations at key corporate hubs of the country including Delhi, Bangalore and Pune, creating wider placement opportunities. A large conglomerate SPICE group backs Sunstone which itself has several vacancies for fresh management professionals every year across specializations.
Building aspirations
Before you set some goals for yourself, it's important to get the exposure and broaden your horizon. Placement isn't a one day process but a structured step by step process of two years that starts from internships and includes industry led problems integrated into the curriculum. It's a serious commitment from student to understand and explore the opportunities and build their aspirations accordingly.

Career Development Resources

Career Development Resources support students by helping them define their career vision and equipping them with the tools and knowledge they need to fulfill this vision.

Career Coaching team
Our dedicated Career Coaching team works relentlessly with the students, providing them one-on-one mentoring on possible career paths, helping them prepare their CVs, coaching them through mock interviews. They help students establish fundamental understanding of different roles and make more educated decisions.
Alumni and Student network
Never underestimate the power of a network. Your strongest supporters are your peers and alumni and diversity within this intense and collegial group can help you identify mentors. Sunstone is running different business programs and the overall Sunstone family is well established in different geographies and companies.
As students, you also get ample opportunity to know them and make them your mentors. Check out our "Industry Advisory Board" to know about the professionals actively taking part in your growth. Placement at Sunstone is a result of continuous and deep "Industry Integration".
Also, Sunstone's unique internship program creates a gateway for a successful placement. Sunstone offers 6 months of internships with corporates to all students. Know more about internships .

Sunstone Alumni

Sunstone alumni have been doing exceptionally well in their chosen areas at senior roles. Overall, Sunstone community represents:

300+ global companies.

20 locations in India and Abroad.

Senior roles such as CEOs, COOs, VPs, Directors.

Some of the companies represented by Sunstone community: