N.S.D.C Program Details

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The backbone of any program is the curriculum leveraged by its faculty. The curriculum at Sunstone is designed with inputs from corporate recruiters. The clear objective of the curriculum is to make the students employable i.e. Creating DOERs for the industry.

The most essential skill required today in corporate profile is English Communication. Being able to Speak and Write confidently is a prerequisite of any professional profile as it is the common language across the different states as well in most parts of the world.
Technologically savvy is how we see our students. The fast paced professional life can be managed only through technological support.
Ms Excel
Being able to work on excel, to represent data and analyze basic information besides carrying out elementary calculations is the objective of this course.
Introduction to Marketing
Understanding basic marketing paradigm and being able to grasp the overall market scenario and look at the bigger picture.
Sales Productivity
Sales need to be productive. Students should know the parameters to be considered besides the methodology of their assessment. Understanding the difference between efficiency and effectiveness of sales exercise.
Being able to negotiate in different situations and environments as a seller or a buyer. Arriving at win – win solutions all across.
Basic pricing techniques, knowing the concept of mark up and mark down besides discounts and sales.
Sales Management
Inherent in any professional profile is realizing the role of sales in the Business. Becoming an agile salesman understanding different dimensions and perspectives.
Writing mails, carrying out clear tele-conversations, using technology for smooth communication and understanding is the base on which any professional career will be built.